Bowie: A Playlist in Pictures

Last fall we were delighted to select Olivier Jourdanet as the winning design for the #PhillyLovesBowie 2019 logo. What we didn’t know at the time was Olivier was a truly amazing artist with decades of creative experience under his belt … and that he was a MAJOR Bowie fan, living in France!

Once we began fine-tuning the logo and pin designs for this year, Olivier shared with us a separate project that he had been working on for a while – DAVID BOWIE: A PLAYLIST IN PICTURES.

This deluxe box set is finally completed (just 1,000 sets!) and celebrates Bowie through his work, his songs, and his metamorphoses. The set includes 15 original prints, each of them illustrating one of Bowie’s songs. Each hand-made print is approx 6×9″ in size.

Olivier has given us a limited number of box sets to offer #PhillyLovesBowie fans, with proceeds going to the Bowie Fund to benefit the Cancer Center at CHOP.

Click the link below to learn more and see first-hand this beautiful creation:

To purchase a set and support the Bowie Fund in the process, the cost is $160 plus shipping (if you’re unable to pick it up in Philly). To purchase one of these limited sets and support the Bowie Fund, email

Published by PhillyLovesBowieWeek

We can be heroes, just for one day. Or make that TEN DAYS! Join us January 5-14, 2018 as Philadelphia once again shows its love for David Bowie night after night after glorious night. Over a dozen activities will be happening across the city to celebrate and remember a man who changed the world.

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